Bird & Poultry

Poultry & Pigeon

We stock an extensive range of wild bird, pigeon, caged bird, pheasant and poultry, feed, accessories and health care products.

Keep your birds and poultry well fed and nourished with our selection of poultry and bird feed. Choose from our range of layers pellets, mixed corn and grit including our Natural GM free products to keep your poultry happy.  For the young ones we stock chick crumb in handy sized bags and heat lamps to keep them warm.  To keep your adult birds warm and cosy we stock a full range of bedding products, from traditional shavings to specialised bedding designed especially for chickens, and  approved by the British Hen Welfare Trust.

We also have everything you need for your turkeys, geese and ducks. From breeders pellets, a high energy feed to promote optimum health and egg production, to starter crumb for the little ones along with grower/finisher pellets to encourage a natural growth rate to finish.

To keep your pigeons in tip top condition we stock a tried and tested range of mixes and conditioners for all round use and competition.

Indoor Birds

For your indoor birds we stock a popular variety of seed mixes, to keep everything from the smallest canary to the most exotic parrot happy and healthy. The products include a good variety of ingredients for added interest and stimulation and are specially designed to promote a healthy immune and digestive system for overall well being.

Wild Birds

Let’s not forget to look after our garden visitors and keep them happy all year round. We stock a selection of wild bird seeds, peanuts, fat ball’s and treats, including our no mess products to help keep your garden clean and tidy.

We also stock a large variety of feeders, drinkers and health care products for all our feathered friends.


Top Products

 Bucktons Wild Bird Food

Bucktons Wild Bird Food

Bucktons no mess, wheat free wild bird seed mix.

 Versele Laga Gold 4 Mix

Versele Laga Gold 4 Mix

A complete feed for laying hens from 18 weeks.

 Bucktons High Protein Economy

Bucktons High Protein Economy

A resting mix suitable for all year round use.


We stock an extensive choice of products for birds & poultry from a great range of leading brands.

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