Small Holders


We hold in store a wide range of products for almost every Small Holder’s needs. Anything we don’t hold in stock we can quickly source from one of our suppliers.

Our range of products include a comprehensive list of feeds for all your animals needs.  We currently supply small holders who have a varied array of animals, including specialized feeds to a number of customers who keep Lama’s and Deer along side the more common small holder breeds.  We source produce made from the finest ingredients to maintain a well balanced diet for all types of animals.

Should your animals need a little extra boost we also stock vitamin and mineral licks to optimise growth and improve overall health.   You will also find in store a range of equipment including milk and colostrum for your new born animals.


Should you need to replace or renew your electric fence equipment we have a range of products to fulfil your needs. We stock energisers, earth stakes varied types of insulators, electro rope and wire, various sizes of tape, plastic posts and lots more.  Anything we don’t have in stock we can normally arrange to be delivered direct to your door within two days.

We can also help you get rid of those unwanted animals on your property with our selection of effective, easy to use traps, baits and repellents.

So please don’t hesitate to visit our store at the Farm or call the office for further information on 01655 760322.

Top Products

 I'Ansons Ruminuts

I'Ansons Ruminuts

Suitable for all types of stock including both sheep & cattle!

 Small Holder Range

Small Holder Range

A well balanced feed range approved by the Vegetarian Society.

 Golden Blend Flakey Mix

Golden Blend Flakey Mix

Visually appealing and high nutritional content.


We stock an extensive choice of products for small holders from a great range of leading brands.

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